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optimal performance, the conscious way

Do you want to

Develop your potential as a true and authentic leader & professional?

Lead from inner strength and take the lead in your own career?

Work on optimal performance, the conscious way?

Get more clarity and focus in order to develop as an authentic, effective and
brave leader?

Find and build your inner strength, have a better life-work-stress balance?

Look forward positively and pragmatically, without ignoring the past and
negative patterns? Set clear goals and achieve them?

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” … said they were burned out at work.” International study by Edelman Data and Intelligence (2022)

Literally meaning “vapor”, “air”, or “breath”, the word Qi is often translated as “vital energy”, “vital force”, “material energy”, or simply as “energy”

Literally meaning “vapor”, “air”, or “breath”, the word Qi is often translated as “vital energy”, “vital force”, “material energy”, or simply as “energy”



Guido Deuzeman is a certified coach and trainer for professionals and leaders with a diverse background – from multinational to national politics, NGOs and advisory of CEOs and political leaders – equipped with broad education and experience and a thirst for continuous learning about spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical development.

This positive and pragmatic coach will partner with you during your coaching process while you hold the steering wheel, so you can best find and build your inner strength and develop more self-awareness and clarity. To become more effective, to set goals and achieve them.

Looking forward, positively and pragmatically, without ignoring the past, negative patterns or unhealthy conditioning that keep you from being your true self and thriving in life and on the workfloor.

To (re)connect: only through connecting with your authentic self, can you really connect with others and contribute to society and your professional environment to your full potential.

Sustainable development requires us to look at ourselves as whole, because everything is connected: the emotional, spiritual, physical/ dietary, and mental aspect.

Guido helps you create more clarity, to set goals and achieve them. To feel more connection with your true self, intuition and emotions. To have a better work life balance. And with a bit of humor, let’s not forget about that. Click the button below to schedule a free discovery call with me to check if we could work together.

“Most of our tensions and frustrations stem from compulsive needs to act the role of someone we are not.”

– János (Hans) Selye, M.D., The Stress of Life

– János (Hans) Selye, M.D., The Stress of Life

Find The Right Coaching Journey For You

The young conscious professional

Create awareness, get more clarity and focus. Develop yourself in a conscious way. Set professional and personal goals and achieve them. Find more purpose, direction, stress resilience and a lifestyle to stimulate that. Take the lead in your life and career, from within.
Do you want to:

  • Get your own vision and mission more clear?
  • Have a better life/work balance?
  • Communicate and operate more effective on the workfloor?

Coaching for young professionals, 10/12 online sessions of an hour in 3 months (or spread in 6 or 8 months).

The authentic and thriving leader

Deepen your leadership and work on optimal performance, in a conscious way. Get more clarity and focus, have more impact and become more effective by leading from within. Create more self- awareness, set goals and achieve them, step by step. Bring out more of the authentic, brave and coaching leader that is already inside of you. Do you want to:

  • Feel more connection with your true self, your intuition and
    emotions as a leader?
  • Have a better life-work-stress balance?
  • Strive towards better mind/body connection and healthy optimal

Leadership coaching, 10/12 sessions of an hour in 3 months (or spread in 6 or 8 months).

What people say about Guido

Keklik Yücel
Guido is very senior and professional. He brings trust, is sharp and constructive. He stimulates you to work from an authentic place, to really be aware of why you do the things you do and translate that into effective and clear communication.
_Keklik Yücel,Leader, consultant, former national politician
I highly recommend Guido as a coach.
He has such a thorough understanding of my needs and capabilities, which brought an immense clarity to both challenges and goals.
His guidance in finding solutions regarding work and purchase of a land had lead me to results I dare say I could have not achieved by myself.
_Amit Chai,Engineer
Tina Gunnarsson
I highly recommend working with Guido, not only is he a great listener but he is good at picking up on my energy and emotions behind the words. He's helped me explore my blocks in a curious and non-judgemental way and helped me focus on how to move past them. It's been an enjoyable and productive experience that I recommend for anyone.
_Tina Gunnarsson,Professional creative and lifecoach
Guido beautifully weaves together two worlds that, at least in my experience, don’t often come together. On one hand, he has a sharp business mind and functions fluently in the world of targets and metrics. On the other, he brings a relational wisdom and connectedness that probes what is often felt but not seen beneath the surface. I for one am convinced that if we are going to solve the challenges of our time, after too many decades of “business only,” we need more of what Guido brings to the table, more of what he invites forth from those he coaches.  
_Joe Burnham,Marketing coordinator Xero Shoes
IMG-20230517-WA0000 (1)
Guido really coaches you in a free, open and warm way. It is really about you, a pleasant exploration of who you are and who you want to be.
_Farley Asruf,Politician, spokesperson Central Bank Netherlands
The coaching with Guido was incredible and changed my life in so many ways! We've touched on several parts of my life that are adding to my happiness and success and I made a huge personal as well as professional development since Guido has been coaching me! I can only recommend this to everyone!
_Jen Delic,Marketer, Photographer

“When we were children, we used to think that when we were grown-up we would no longer be vulnerable.

But to grow up is to accept vulnerability.”

Madeline L’Engle

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