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Offering uniquely tailored professional coaching at Development is Qi, I strive to contribute to a better and more loving world by helping people thrive in life and find their true purpose.

By creating more awareness and helping them find and build their inner strength or Qi, professionals or leaders can maximize their potential while contributing to their organization and larger society.

By doing that I give myself the pleasure of continuous learning and growing while really connecting with my clients


Holistic Coaching can help you find your Qi in both private and professional daily life. All too often we are conditioned to perpetually seek development, but goals are set outside of ourselves and/or the focus is on the output, on what’s rational or merely materialistic, and on conforming to societal norms.

No wonder we get burned out – we disconnect from our bodies, our soul and its unique values, and eventually the world around us. Development is Qi focuses on developing inner strength (Qi) and finding purpose, by creating more self- awareness and clarity. In becoming more effective and thriving as a professional or leader, we can set more relevant goals and achieve them. You hold the steering wheel of your uniquely tailored coaching journey.


I’m a 42-year-old Dutchman living in Portugal, a father and husband, and a lot more. With a thirst for knowledge about personal development and deeper work on the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical (dietary) levels.

With experience in a multinational corporation, small businesses, national politics, a ministry, and an NGO. In politics, I worked in a high-level stress and media environment that was quite challenging but also very educational. I have been an advisor to political leaders and CEOs and have a clear view about what true and brave leadership is: being authentic, clear and vulnerable while also being a coaching leader who listens to the people around you.


Just some of the great people or platforms that inspire me and are connected to the coaching work and personal and holistic development. Maybe they inspire you too!