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Development is Qi

“Development is key” is a common phrase in the Western world. Although I like the idea of development, for me it also represents where we went wrong. All too often we are conditioned to perpetually seek development, but goals are set outside of ourselves and/or the focus is on the output, on what’s rational or merely materialistic, and on conforming to societal norms. No wonder we get burned out – we disconnect from our bodies, our soul and its unique values, and eventually the world around us. Development is Qi focuses on developing inner strength and finding purpose, by creating more self- awareness and clarity. In becoming more effective and thriving as a professional or leader, we can set more relevant goals and achieve them.

Development literally means to unwrap, to unfold your true potential. We don’t have to look for things outside to complete ourselves, as we are already whole. We “only” must work on letting go off the limiting conditioning and negative beliefs that hold us back from being our true selves and using our inner strength to thrive in life – privately and professionally.

Eventually, we can contribute to society harnessing our full potential, aware of and not run away from our shadows and negative patterns, so that they don’t take over the steering wheel. Ultimately, we can literally be more present and clearer about all aspects in everyday life.

Optimal performance, in a conscious way. This development requires us to look at ourselves as a whole, because everything is connected: the emotional, spiritual, physical and dietary, and mental aspect. Only then do we find our inner strength, or Qi as they call it in Chinese culture – our vital life force and deeper essence of our true selves. Every sustainable development is driven by Qi. From this perspective, and the combination of my own experience, ancient wisdom and modern science, I have developed “”the five elements of optimal (personal) leadership, the conscious way. From this framework I offer my services. (link here) It serves as a framework to fall back on, to evoke awareness and inspire. Certainly not as boxes you have to tick to be perfect. No leader or professional is and will be.

So, no quick fix? That’s right. It’s a lifelong process and it’s not easy, as this coach knows well😊. But it’s also a fun and rewarding process that enables us to thrive in every aspect of our lives. We can not only set goals, but achieve them and get more efficient and patient, to better keep our calm when the seas get rough. You can start or speed up that process now, by partnering with me in your own coaching process. Gift yourself the time to really invest in yourself once and for all. 


Coaching can help you find your Qi in both private and professional daily life. To work on optimal performance, the conscious way. You can but don’t have to “go deep” all the time – you can make very pragmatic subjects the forefront of your coaching sessions.In fact, if you want the most effective sustainable change, you must be the one who takes the lead of your own coaching process. You have all the wisdom and power already within you – I’m there as your coaching partner with my awareness and support to help you to create more clarity or find the best tools and techniques relevant to your goals. And with a bit of humor, let’s not forget about that!

You decide the subject or problem area for your coaching process or session, and I offer the appropriate structure and plan to help to create clarity and find ways to implement change or goals of any size. That’s where most people get stuck: when the rubber meets the road and we must actually start doing things differently to implement the plans or dreams we’ve wanted for years.

I have developed the five elements of optimal (personal)l leadership, the conscious way. From surviving to thriving in a stressful world and workplace ™. Based on my own experience, ancient wisdom and modern (optimal performance) science. With the coaching we can draw from the framework. It is a great pleasure to help leaders and professionals on their paths to authentic success.


First, we do a discovery call to find out if we’re a good match for coaching and if my services are the right fit for you. Then it’s up to you: you can choose a package of one, three, or six months of coaching. You may choose to schedule a session every week or every two weeks, for 30 minutes or an hour, digitally or live in Portugal.

For clients in the Netherlands, I will be in that area approximately two times per year to meet in person – all other appointments must be online. With clients from other countries, I will always work online. And off course I’m available for coaching for special occasions/events or subjects, when only one or a couple of sessions are needed. The same goes for tailor-made group or team sessions.


Since I work for clients in different countries, for companies and private clients, prices will vary and are available upon request. 

 ”Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart.

Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”

– Carl Jung

For Organisations

Research shows that investing in coaching for your employees has a “return on investment” of 37 to even 500%. Apart from your employees investing in themselves, not only will their colleagues but your organization as a whole benefit in a myriad of ways. Development is Qi is there to coach your leaders and professionals with tailor-made packages to help them contribute to your organization with their full potential. Guido also hosts trainings and workshops, mostly online. If requested, It is also possible to do tailor made team or group sessions to work on the strength and effectiveness of the collective, while creating awareness of every member’s strengths in an open and constructive setting.  For his coaching and training Guido draws from the framework he developed (based on his own experience, ancient wisdom and modern (optimal performance) science) the 5 elements of optimal (personal) leadership, the conscious way. From surviving to thriving in a stressful world and workplace ™.

See below some extra information about the (effectiveness of) coaching and the DIQ ethics:

According to the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the top 3 results
reported by coaching clients were:

  • Improved communication skills
  • Increased self-esteem/self-confidence
  • Increased productivity

The ICF, through a research collaboration with the Human Capital Institute (HCI), has also reported that: 65% of staff in companies where coaching is valued are highly engaged.

Some common topics Guido supports leaders and professionals with

  • Balancing life and work
  • Building stress and burnout resilience
  • Increasing productivity and focus in a sustainable way
  • Navigating challenges or changes at work or home
  • Practicing mindfulness, self-care, and healthy habits
  • Communicate authentically and clear
  • Be the coaching leader or colleague
  • Creating more happiness, joy, and fulfillment

As a professional coach, ethics and standards are important to Guido. He has completed an ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited coach training and is currently working towards becoming an ICF certified coach. He has aligned his coaching practice with the ICF core competencies, standards, and ethics.

The who why and what of your leadership (storytelling and communication)

One special consulting offer: leaders often struggle to communicate in an authentic way in this quick and stressful world. To get their vision or true story translated in a clear profile and strong messaging. I combine my Development is Qi approach, communication skills and experience as spokesperon and advisor of leaders in national politics to help you get that done, once and for all.

The who, why and what. Authentic leadership storytelling and communication. Bring your authentic mission and vision to life. Who are you? What’s your personal and professional story? What is true leadership for you? Why do you do what you do, for this organization? What are your (collective) values? Together we will translate this into clear, authentic professional communication for your: overall profile, internal communication, a vision/mission document, your (social) media profile, or your own website, when you are an entrepreneur. Do you want to:

  • Communicate more authentic, clear and effective?  
  • Finally get your true story on paper, with a clear profile and messaging?
  • Co- create some tangible communication products to work with?

Leadership consulting. 2 sessions of 1,5 hour, with basic storytelling/vision/mission product and profile: 900 euros. Extra products: at a set hourly rate.