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11 Apr

Development is Qi is live!

Today is a really nice day – I am starting my new career as holistic coach. With a clear goal to coach professionals and leaders. The website has launched today. Thanks a lot to Jen for your enthusiastic and professional work on it! On this website you can read more about the coaching I offer, and you can make an appointment for a free discovery call if you are interested. I am also thankful to the Holistic Coach Training Institute, especially Beverly Sartain, for teaching me and showing me the beauty of holistic coaching and how to really connect with people. 

With coaching at Development is Qi you can work on building your inner strength (Qi), create more self-awareness and clarity, set authentic goals, and ultimately achieve them – all from a holistic connected perspective – the innate mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects we possess. My mentor and former coach Bjørn Aris from Return on People gave me insight as to what development literally means: to unwrap, to uncover your potentialities. We don’t have to look for things outside ourselves, as we are already whole. We “only” have to work on letting go of the negative limiting conditioning and beliefs that hold us back from being our true selves and really using our inner strength to thrive in life, both privately and professionally. And to ultimately contribute to society or our organization with our full potential.

Starting Development is Qi is a bit out of the comfort zone after 17 years of other lines of work. And that is exactly what I really like about it. The coaching work gives me energy, makes me dig deeper and sparks my passion for what I uniquely value. Thus, I am building my own Qi with this new path of serving others in their own development processes. And the nice thing is that I can use the experience of working in diverse sectors – from a multinational corporation to national politics, an NGO and being self-employed. Working closely with and being an advisor to CEOs and political leaders gives me a clear vision on what authentic and brave leadership can be, and what is needed to build and maintain it.

I will be partnering with you to set clear and specific and/or pragmatic goals for your personal and/or professional development. You hold the steering wheel of your own coaching process because that is the only way you can ensure that the change is sustainable.

You can choose a coaching package of 1 month, or 3 or 6 months. We can work online and in person if you are located in Portugal. For clients in the Netherlands, I will be in the Netherlands approximately twice per year for live appointments (in Dutch of course 😊). If you want to hear something from me occasionally, you can register for the email list … You can also follow me on Instagram and Linkedin.

I will share inspiration about the field of personal and professional development. On the website you can see I also have an inspiration section with people, books, and platforms to inspire the many aspects of development. Hopefully they will inspire you, too.

Please feel free to connect, also for feedback! And feel free to share this message with someone who could benefit from coaching.

I look forward to working and connecting with you!