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This is Guido

I’m a 43-year-old Dutchman, a father and husband, and a lot more. 2023 has already brought exciting changes with our relocation to Bensafrim in Southern Portugal. We moved here because we wanted to spend more time outside in constant contact with nature and become more self-sufficient with a little less stress than in Northern Europe. We are finding our way in Portugal with the occasional struggles that arise, still excited to live in this country. I’m a guy who used to rely on his rational qualities but neglected or even was a bit afraid of his emotions, and was mostly disconnected from the body and soul. Even with a fairly successful career, I often struggled with the nagging feeling that I was not really “free” or being “my authentic self” with a stress level that was often too high. It took a couple of big losses and events in my life to accelerate my own development and self-actualization.

Now I know that it is a process that will take my whole life, but I see the path and I’m enjoying the ride. I also know that that process demands deeper work on the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical (dietary) levels. In fact, my dietary changes have made an enormous difference. I have been learning about these various aspects for years now, and I enjoy coaching others on their paths as well. To use ancient wisdom (like Buddhism) and modern science in order to inspire and empower people in reaching their greatest potential

My ICF certified education at the Holistic Coaching Training Institute provides me with the framework, practice, and mentoring for my coaching. I’m a person that likes to bring things forward and make things clear. As a holistic coach I believe in you as a client, and encourage you to hold the steering wheel of your own coaching process where you will find the answers you need that are within you.

My specialization is in coaching professionals and leaders. During my career I’ve always been intrigued by workplace dynamics and how they affect individuals and the organization. I’ve worked in very diverse places: at a multinational corporation, small businesses, national politics, a ministry, and an NGO. In politics, I also worked in a high-level stress and media environment that was quite challenging but also very educational. I’ve come to believe in people finding their inner strength (Qi) in their work, being as authentic as possible in the workplace. I don’t believe in “external” goals, superficial fulfillment, or faking your way through your career. We must first examine our own personal vision, home in on our values and beliefs and what fuels our inner strength. Then, we can make career plans or start climbing up the ladder in your organization. I have been an advisor to political leaders and CEOs and have a clear view about what true and brave leadership is: being authentic, clear and vulnerable while also being a coaching leader who listens to the people around you. I believe that this world really needs this “new” level of leadership, and that every leader can cultivate these skills. It is a great pleasure to help professionals and leaders on their paths to authentic success.


“When we were children, we used to think that when we were grown-up, we would no longer be vulnerable. But to grow up is to accept vulnerability.”

– Madeline L’Engle