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get fit for purpose

Development is Qi offers holistic well- being coaching for visitors, digital nomads and residents in the Algarve, Portugal. It is for you if you want to improve your life and well- being and start to live to your full potential. Start to take the lead from within, create more self-awareness, stress resilience, connection, joy and better structural health and meaning. Get fit for purpose.

This requires us to look at the whole person, because everything is connected: the emotional, spiritual/social, physical and mental elements. Only then do we find our inner strength, or Qi as they call it in ancient Chinese culture – our vital life force and deeper essence of our true self.

Do the 2,5 hour catalyst session with Guido: create more self-awareness, identify what needs to change and how. Use the workbook for even more clarity and commitment. Book regular 1 hour sessions afterwards to work with Guido on achieving your goals, to be held accountable in a compassionate, positive way. Since Guido likes to be and exercise in the beautiful nature of the Algarve himself, sessions can be combined with for instance mountain biking or walking on the beach or cliffs. As an inspiring and effective way to connect.


Guido is a former advisor of CEO’s and political leaders, certified coach and trainer, he was trained himself by the Holistic Coach Training Institute in Florida.

Guido is inspired by the combination of the latest science, ancient wisdom and his own experience.

Guido believes in you finding your Qi through the transformative power of coaching. In optimal performance, the conscious way. You performing at your best, feeling your best. You are in the lead of your own process and change, Guido is there for you to listen, create clarity, give structure and inspire.

The 4 Holistic Pillars

(from elements to tools and practices)


(mindset, patterns, beliefs, triggers, conditioning, trauma, mindfulness/ meditation, journaling, coaching.)

Spiritual / Social

(source, purpose, meaning, authenticity, intuition, love, being in nature, connection, compassion, meditation/praying, coaching.)


(exercise, nutrition, rest/sleep, nervous system, mind/body connection, meditation, yoga, chi gong, breathwork, coaching.)


(emotional awareness/ intelligence, being with heavy “negative” emotions like pain and sadness, numbing/procrastination/addiction, mindfulness, journaling, bodywork, creativity, coaching.)

Big Shifts

Become more self-aware, authentic, stress resilient, break patterns, get unstuck

Develop a growth instead of a fixed mindset

Connect your mind and body

Connect with your intuition, purpose, flow

Connect on a deeper level with the people around you



Catalyst session

including workbook (2,5 hours)


Regular sessions

(1 hour)


Regular session plus

(outdoors, beach walk, mountain biking etc.)


Fit for purpose package

(tailor made: includes the catalyst session, 6 regular sessions, 2 outdoor activities/exercise, 2 energetic massages)