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Just some of the great people or platforms that inspire me and are connected to the coaching work and personal and holistic development. Maybe they inspire you too:


Gabor Mate: The myth of normal, and all his other work. I also did the online short course Compassionate Inquiry that he developed, which comes highly recommended. 

Brene Brown: Dare to lead

Boyatzin, Smith, van Oosten: Helping people change

Stephen R. Covey: The 7 habits of highly effective people

Bjorn Aris: Lessons of a Samoerai (in Dutch)

Heather Plett: The art of holding space

Edith Eva Eger: The Choice

Jack Kornfield: The Wise Heart

Steven Kotler, Jamie Wheal: Stealing Fire

Jeff Foster: The deepest acceptance

James Clear: Atomic Habits

Jan Geurtz: Addicted to thinking

Lisa Rankin, Robert Augustus: Bringing your shadow out of the dark

Michael Brown: The presence process

David Graeber: Bullshit Jobs

Favourite novel ever by Herman Hesse: Siddharta


Gaia platform, conscious media:

Sand platform: 

Heart and Mind Institute:

The 10 principles of holistic coaching

The holistic coaching training institute (my trainers), Beverly Sartain

Richard van der Leen,