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19 Dec

News: new online training, framework and workbook optimal personal leadership

News: new online training, framework for conscious personal leadership, digital workbook and checklist!

Development is Qi has a new online training  for groups of leaders and professionals or teams (also in Dutch of course😊). The training is based on the new framework for optimal personal leadership, the conscious way ™ that comes with a workbook and checklist with powerful questions, which you receive after the training.

Really being yourself on the work floor as a leader or professional. Being conscious and self- aware. Truly connecting with your colleagues or staff. Growing without having to be perfect. Performing better while having a healthier relationship with stress. Having more positive impact. Taking the lead, from within.

It has been and is my own journey, with ups and downs. As a former advisor to CEO’s and national political leaders, now coach and trainer I used my own experience, ancient wisdom and modern (optimal performance) science to develop the 5 elements of optimal (personal) leadership, the conscious way. From surviving to thriving in a stressful world and workplace ™ They serve as a framework to fall back on, to evoke awareness and inspire. To go from surviving days and years of endless emails, stress, exhausting meetings and a nagging feeling that there is more, to thriving: having more clarity, focus and impact, while being open and authentic.

With the individual coaching I draw from the framework but the client is always in the lead, you decide what the coaching topics and overarching themes will be. You have the answers already inside you. That is the power of coaching I see and believe in.

Online training: easier to plan, accessible and still a meaningful connection.

With the 3 hour online training of The 5 elements of optimal (personal) leadership, the conscious way. From surviving to thriving in a stressful world and workplace ™, you are introduced to a new way of looking at your (professional) self. Your personal leadership and optimal performance. You will be challenged to start to really take the lead from within and live and work to your full potential. How is your relationship with stress? Are you really self- aware? How is your mind-body connection and focus?  Are you ready to bring out more of the coaching leader or colleague inside yourself? Are you really clear and organized and do you communicate authentically? And how can you make some real changes, step by step?

After the training you will receive the 5 elements digital workbook and checklist of powerful questions, to help you on your own unique journey.

The training comes in different, tailored versions, for leaders (managers, directors) and for professionals that want to take the lead from within. For groups with peers and for teams. After this training you will:

– have more self- awareness as a starting point for growth.

– have new (science based) insights about your optimal performance in a stressful world and having more impact on the work floor.

– be inspired and better equipped to change things in your daily life, step by step, on your own unique path to living to your full potential.

A participant about the training:

“A surprising digital training about your own personal leadership development. It not only gives an overview of different forms/ aspects of leadership with the 5 elements framework, but I was stimulated to really do some work myself, and become aware of what I want and what I am good at. All in an open atmosphere, with really nice talks with fellow participants, as a group or in breakout sessions.” Rene Teule, municipality of the Hague.

Do you want to have more information or book a training, want to know what Development is Qi can do for your organization? Look at or send an email to Do you want to find out of if the individual coaching could be a match for you? Book a free discovery call here. And please always feel free to give feedback or to connect.