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FREE Webinar

The 5 elements of optimal personal leadership, the conscious way

Join this free webinar for a transformative and refreshing look at yourself and your own potential. In the webinar you are introduced to the framework of the 5 elements of optimal personal leadership, the conscious way. From surviving to thriving in a stressful world and workplace ™

The framework is based on my own experience, ancient wisdom and modern (optimal performance) science. It serves as a framework to fall back on, to evoke awareness and inspire. For the coaching I do with clients, and the 3 hour (online) training I give about the framework in organizations and for groups. You are introduced to a new way of looking at your (professional) self. Your personal leadership and optimal performance.

You will be challenged to start to really take the lead from within and live and work to your full potential. To  go from surviving days and years of endless emails, stress, exhausting meetings and a nagging feeling that there is more, to thriving: having more clarity, focus and impact, while being open and authentic.

The framework comes with a workbook and checklist with powerful questions, which you receive after the webinar.

After the webinar you will

have more self- awareness as a starting point for growth.

have new (science based) insights about your optimal performance in a stressful world and having more impact (on the work floor).

be inspired and better equipped to change things in your daily life, step by step, on your own unique path to living to your full potential.